10 Month Update: Wonder Weeks Leap, Tantrums, and Walking

10 Month Update: Wonder Weeks Leap, Tantrums, and Walking

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Saying,  “I have a 10 month old” is mind blowing to me. I feel like I just posted the Simple Newborn Must-Haves: 0-3 Months. In which, the Must-Haves for 9-12 months is just around the corner! But, on another note, there has been so many ups and down this month already.


Wonder Weeks Leap

Every parent doesn’t follow the Wonder Weeks App, but if your little one is around 10 months old, they could be going through Leap 7, which usually happens around 46 weeks old. Leap 7 is called “The World of Sequence

Wonder Weeks Leap 7According to Wonder Weeks, some of the signs that your baby may be entering this Leap or is in this Leap are:

  • Becomes angry when you put them down
  • Unconsciously plays with emotions, such as naughty or nice, to get your attention
  • Sits quietly, daydreaming
  • Often sucks thumb
  • Cries more often and is cranky, grumpy, or moody
  • Chats less
  • Whines more

Karsyn is currently 10.5 months old and I’ve already experienced all of these signs with her, plus more! She has been such a character lately and I can’t help but laugh, smile, and cry at her growing and all the things she’s accomplished thus far.


Karsyn is walking! And that’s all she wants to do. I didn’t see this coming so soon but I’m kind of okay with her walking this early…even if I do have to chase her around everywhere.

Babies usually start walking between 9-12 months old. According to the Bump, it doesn’t happen overnight. It depends on how your baby has been hitting their milestones since the tummy time days. And some babies do not start walking until 18 months old. But, if your baby isn’t walking yet, the Bump has listed some ways to help them out and you can read more about it here.

  • Spend less time carrying the baby
  • Skip the baby walker
  • Minimize the time baby spends in a playpen or activity saucer
  • Introduce a push toy
  • Let your baby go barefoot


Spoiled? Maybe. But I’d like to think the new tantrum thing is a result of the Wonder Weeks Leap 7. As soon as I take the Apple TV Remote out of her mouth, the crying, kicking, and throwing of the head begins. And this happens when I take anything she isn’t supposed to have.

It also happens when she doesn’t want to be put down, she cries and begins coughing and gagging herself for attention or to be picked up again. If you look above at the Wonder Week signs, that falls under the naughty and nice emotions for attention and also becoming angry when put down.

These leaps don’t last too long but I know there are more tantrums to come. Helloooo, the terrible twos!

Separation Anxiety

This has been going on, on and off for months now. This may be a result of the Leap as well but it only lasts a short while. Maybe a week or so of only wanting Mommy and to watch TV and play on my lap.

She perfected walking right at 10 months so wanting to sit on my lap ended quickly. Haha!

Restless Sleep

Just like all the Mom’s out there, I, too run off little to no sleep. We co-sleep at the moment because she won’t stay in her crib for more than 2-3 hours at a time. So, when she gets in the bed with us, she tosses and turns the entire night. Punching, slapping, hair pulling, sitting up and then slamming herself right into me or her dad, and best of all, hugs and cuddles.

I’ve been on forum after forum trying to find a solution to this and I’ve got no answer but, “It’s just a phase” or “Stick it out”.

If you have some things I can try, please comment below. I’d love to hear from you!


I’m not sure if this is unusual or not but Karsyn finds a way to climb out of everything. First, her walker, second the playpen, and third, the play gate? Well, not quite but almost. Take a look!

Karsyn Climbing Playgate

See! Haha!

Well, that’s all I have for now. Perhaps, I’ll add anything new that develops over the next two weeks.

So, until 11 months! Hope to see you in the next post!

Ciara My Kid and Co.


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