11-12 Month Update: Growing Up!

11-12 Month Update: Growing Up!

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Yes! We got through the first year. How amazing! It’s definitely an incredible feeling! How was your first year of parenthood?


Month 11 went by quite fast for Karsyn and her behavior from Month 11 to 12 was quite similar so I merged them into one update.

Here’s my little ONE YEAR OLD! *proud mama*


There are important milestones 1-year-olds are supposed to meet within the categories of social/emotional, language/communication, cognitive (learning, thinking, problem-solving), and movement/physical development. The CDC has an amazing Checklist to see if your little one is right on track. I’ll link the full PDF HERE.

CDC 1 Year Old Checklist


At 12 months old, baby should be sleeping 14-15 hours a day. That’s two naps a day and 11-12 hours during the night. Sleep for Karsyn has gotten better tremendously! She is currently sleeping through the night. It only took 12 months 😅 And of course, all babies are different; Karsyn definitely has her nights where teething causes her discomfort, but I think she does well with it.

If your baby is still having issues with sleeping, the Baby Sleep Site has some tips on how to help you and your little one out.

  1. Develop a consistent sleep routine
  2. Review your baby’s schedule
  3. Consider gentle sleep coaching/training
  4. Create a sleep plan for your family
  5. Gather support from your village
  6. Prepare for next sleep speed bump

See link above to read more each tip more in-depth.


My daughter eats but then it’s times where she doesn’t want to eat. She’s had a variety of different foods (except meat) and she’s taken well to most of it. But, there are also foods that she used to love, for example, Avocados, and now she frowns and spits it out. Eating is hit or miss, day-to-day, week-to-week.


This quote from The Bump says it best:

“One-year-olds are notorious for not eating a lot, so don’t worry too much if baby’s appetite starts to lessen over the next couple months. You can expect your child to eat about a quarter of a cup of each food group at every meal. Don’t worry too much about having her join the clean plate club. One-year-olds are very good at judging when they’re hungry and when they’re full, so if she stops, she’s had plenty to eat.”


So Karsyn is currently in the 8th Wonder Weeks leap and I feel like every time I do an update, she is going through a leap. I mean, she is always learning, right?

Karsyn communicates with us very well but the skills that she may acquire after this leap seem far fetched, but there are 23 days left in this leap and babies learn and pick up habits very fast.

Wonder Weeks Leap 55


Karsyn plays very well independently for a great length of time, which I love because that helps me get things done around the house. She does the cutest thing where she plays for a while, comes to be picked up for a hug and kiss, and then she’s off again.

Although she loves playing by herself, I’d like to start implementing more learning activities, like numbers/letters, shapes, colors, and body parts. Some may say it’s way too early, but I’ve found some toys that can at least get your little one familiar with learning those things.

First Birthday Party

Did your little one have their first birthday party yet? If not, it’s definitely time to celebrate! To keep the party planning as stress-free as possible, here’s a little outline of what’s needed for the party: Also, be mindful of your little one’s nap time.

  • Create a budget
  • Book Venue (plan ahead)
  • Choose a party theme
  • Create the invitations and invite guests
  • Find perfect party outfit for the birthday baby and family
  • Order Cake, food, and decor
  • Create Goody/Thank you bags

Also, be mindful of your little one’s nap time! Karsyn took a nap on her way to her party! Haha.

Thanks for stopping by and reading. I hope to see you in the next post! Ciara My Kid and Co.


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