9 Month Update: Sleep Regression, Growth Spurt, and Fussiness

9 Month Update: Sleep Regression, Growth Spurt, and Fussiness

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Sleep Regression

You would have thought that when I divided to have a baby that I’d know I wouldn’t be getting any sleep anytime soon. As my daughter approaches becoming a 1 year old, I am losing sleep once again. Why you ask. The 9-month sleep regression of course. I feel like I just recovered from the dreaded 7-8-month regression. Whew!

Why is baby going through yet another sleep regression? Physical development and separation anxiety.

  • Physical Development

With a baby crawling, standing, and trying to walk, they get too wired to sleep. Baby wants to practice these new skills all the time. Even in the middle of the night. According to Nightlight, give your baby plenty of time during the day to practice their new skills. Not only will that help them get the moves down, but hopefully tire them out enough to want to sleep at night, instead of trying to crawl and walk.

  • Separation Anxiety

Going into her third week of being 9-months old, she has become very clingy lately. She just wants to be all on Mommy. Which is okay with me.

Babies seem to think if you leave, you may not come back and a way to help with that is to play peek-a-boo with them throughout the day. For more tips on getting through the 9-month sleep regression, visit Nightlight by Nanit here.

Growth Spurt & Fussiness

My 9-month-old has also been extremely fussy lately. Not to mention, she fits a 12-month size all of a sudden. Yikes! The photo below is Karsyn on Christmas Morning in her Burt Bees Pajamas (Size 12 Months). They are high quality, so soft, and comes in many designs.

Burt Bees Pajamas

Although it is said that sleep regressions and growth spurts are entirely different things, I’m sure she’s going through a growth spurt as well. According to Today’s Parent, the signs that your baby may be experiencing a growth spurt are:

Sleeping More (Or less)

Growth spurt

Karsyn wants to take naps more frequently (I know this because of her cues) but there is too much excitement going on around her and she simply can’t fall asleep. Even in a dark quiet room, it is difficult for her to settle and fall asleep. In turn, makes her cranky.

Hungrier Than Usual

Karsyn has picked up her night feed again. She wakes up crying a few times a night and one time out of the 3, she wants to eat. Not to mention she snacks a lot during the day too.


Everything irritates my 9-month old now and I’m constantly trying to calm her down and make her happy. The movies/shows, snacks, and toys that once calmed her don’t always work anymore.

I know this is a difficult time for your baby. It’s tough for Mom as well but we must put ourselves in their little shoes and just know that this is a phase and it will pass.

Thanks for reading, comment on what your baby is experiencing at 9 months old, and I’ll see you in the next post!

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