Baby Must-Haves For 9-12 Months Old

Baby Must-Haves For 9-12 Months Old

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As my baby gets older and older, I’m finding out she requires less. I say this because the things she’s not supposed to have, interest her the most. Aside from toys, your baby is still going to need some 9-12 month old essentials!




Philips Avent Soothie Shape, 0-3 months, pink/purple, 2 pack, SCF194/02

Babies at this age do still use pacifiers, but my daughter uses these as a teething toy. With her top teeth coming in and the molars up next, she chews on the rim of the pacifier for relief.

Sippy Cup/Transitioning Cup

Nuby 2 Piece No Spill Easy Grip Trainer Cup 10 oz, Pink/Purple

My daughter’s pediatrician told us to start weaning her off of the bottle at 9 months old. We’ve tried a few and the only one she really has taken to is the Nuby cup above. It’s doesn’t spill out and it’s easy for baby to hold.

The Nuby cup is actually on the BabyList best sippy cup list! I must admit she chews on it 50% of the time but she gets a decent amount of water or juice in her system when she actually drinks from it. Transitioning early is a good thing too because according to MomLovesBest, these things could occur:

  • Teeth Decay
  • Overbite
  • Poor Nutrition 
  • Picky Eating
  • Obesity
  • Misaligned Teeth
  • Ear Infections

There is some other useful information on the site regarding transitioning bottle to cup as well.

Learning Flash Cards

Mudpuppy My First Words Ring Flash Cards, For Ages 1+, 26 Two-Sided Cards with Fun Artwork, Help Toddlers and Preschoolers Learn First Words, Laminated Thick Cardboard Wipes Clean

This isn’t something I’ve implemented as of yet but I will soon. I like these cards because they are laminated and can be cleaned. Karsyn is still in a phase where everything goes in her mouth and I’m afraid there won’t be any cards left if she gets ahold of them.

I just LOVE this quote from BrillBaby, “Babies and young children have the unique ability to learn things effortlessly.” The flash cards don’t necessarily have to be physical cards, BrillBaby makes it known that you can have virtual cards as well, or slideshows presentations on a computer!

 Gear Focused Toys

VTech GearZooz Spin & Laugh Gearaffe

can’t find any information on why gears are so interesting to babies, mine specifically. She has the Vtech Gearaffe above and she absolutely loves it. It was a gift from her Grandma and she loves turning the gears and placing the extra gear animals on and off. They have so many different brands that offer so many different types of gear toys. Big and small!

Eating Smock

Hi Sprout Unisex Infant Toddler Baby Super Waterproof Sleeved Bib, Reusable Bib with Sleeves& Pocket, Multi Patterns, 12-24 Months,(Dream Dragonfly)

At this age, your little one is going to want to feed themselves and it can get quite messy. Messy baby and lots of cleaning the floor. These help with the messy baby at least!


Ecovona Baby Toothbrush & Toddler Toothbrush for Age 0-2 Years Old | Extra Soft Bristle for Baby Teeth & Infant Gums | BPA-Free, Easy-Grip Finger Handle & Teething Pad | Dentist Recommended | 4-Pack

If your little one is like mine and has teeth, then why not get them started early with brushing them. I like this toothbrush because it has a teether on it too! Who doesn’t like a 2-for-1?

I won’t be using toothpaste with my daughter just yet, but I will brush her teeth with a dab of coconut oil because it cleans her teeth, cleanses her mouth, and it’s safe to swallow.

My little one will be a 1-year-old for quite some time, so as time goes on I’ll continue to update this post with must-haves for you guys!

Thanks so much for stopping by and reading. I’ll see you in the next post!

Ciara My Kid and Co.

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